Inspire Charter students

We are an Inspire Charter School Authorized Vendor.

To enroll in our classes through Inspire Charter Schools, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Guardian or Parent will choose a scheduled course from our site and obtain the pricing for the chosen course (available on the class description page). The courses that are currently available are:

Step 2: Guardian or Parent will then submit their request for our services on the Inspire service request link to obtain an Enrichment Certificate (Purchase order) to validate the information they received from our offices for pricing & duration of the course.

Step 3: The Guardian or Parent should send a copy of the Enrichment Certificate to our email:, which will include the cost amount for the course, course name, and length of the services that we are providing. Please also include the following enrollment information so we may add your child/children to the course roster:

  • Customer (first & last — this is usually the parent that will be dropping off and picking up the child from class)

  • Customer Email

  • Customer Cell #

  • Participant name (first & last — if different from Customer Name)

  • DOB (optional)

  • How did you originally hear about us (if someone referred you, who was it and what’s their relationship to you)?

  • If we take promotional pictures of this class, can we use your (or your child’s) image if we use the pictures on our social media?

  • Are you/is your child on LA Casting?

  • How old is your child?

  • EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO (Info of someone other than the Customer above)

  • Confirm Course Name

  • Confirm Course Start Date

We will then respond with a confirmation and send you a booking confirmation once you have been added to the course roster.