Kids' Improv 2019.png

Upcoming Dates:  July 13-August 17, 2019

October 5-November 9, 2019



Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1 - The Rules

- Discover, and put into practice the basic rules of improv

- Learn how to accept offers, endowing your scene partners and avoid blocks!

- Understand how to add information after acceptance, and forgo waffling! 

Week 2 - Discovering Characters

- Gain an understanding of how point of view helps define character

- Work on physical choices to help create well enacted characters

- See how emotional choices can add value to characters

Week 3 - What's in the Story

- Learn the parts of story structure that are important to an improv scene

- Work on the effects of platform and and tilt

- Understand the basics behind scene resolution

Week 4 - Getting down to Spacework

- Learn how to ground yourself in an imaginary reality

- Discover how space objects can inform your character

- Work together to manipulate and define your space as a team

Week 5 - Hiding in Plain Sight

- Find tools to help you when you get stuck in a scene

- See how stating the obvious can be more helpful then "being creative!"

- Discover how repeating dialogue can help your scene move forward

Week 6 - Game Time & Parent Showcase

- Learn improv games played by professional improvisers 

- Warm up, rehearse and polish the techniques from the previous weeks.

- Test your new skills in a 45 min performance for an invited audience of family and friends.