Here's what some people have to say about our teachers and classes:


My daughter, Brandi, just took the 4 week kids course with Scott and she really enjoyed it! She learned how to slate and how to repeat her lines in different ways to give her the best chances at auditions! She really enjoyed the class and Scott made it fun each week!
— Britt P.
I just booked my first union network commercial using Scott’s teachings. Scott focuses on what you, the actor, do well, and builds off of that. Camera Left / Stage Right does a fantastic job of creating a positive environment where students not only learn from the instructor, but from one another.
— Oscar B.
Since [my son] took classes there he has booked:
Discover Family Channel Promo
Golf Now App Commercial
Hulu Summer Commercial
Hefty Box Tops Commercial

And, now he is joining SAG-AFTRA. You guys have been amazing and I feel very fortunate that we found your classes. Noah loves both Scott and Melissa :) He has learned so much and advanced his auditioning technique that almost every audition has been either a callback or a booking. I couldn’t thank you more!! Both Melissa and Scott are wonderful with the kids, they focus on individual growth and encourage fun learning. I also really appreciated the Parent’s class both Justin and Arlene taught. All my questions were answered and I learned what goes on in the casting room after the talent is gone. Very eye opening. I would highly recommend your classes to both new students just starting out in acting and those who have been in the business for years, like Noah. Thank you for supporting my boy :)

You guys are the best, thanks again!!!
— Kristie B.
The Camera Left / Stage Right commercial workshop at asg casting was a great experience for me! Having just gotten started in the business, the workshop was a great introduction for me! It taught me audition techniques, showed me what looks good on camera (getting to actually watch yourself audition), and I received actual feedback and advice from the casting directors there, which completely prepared me for future commercial auditions! Since taking asg’s workshop, I have booked 4 commercials in 9 months, two of which were nationals! I also booked a guest star spot in a television series. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this class to actors of all levels- especially beginning actors- thank you Cyd, Keli and asg for such a helpful, fun, and informative experience! :)
— Katelyn M.
The classes at Camera Left / Stage Right are truly one-of-kind and a must for actors at every level and stage in their careers. At a time when I was ready to throw in the towel, I walked into Cyd and Keli’s Basics of Booking class and they helped me revive the auditioning muscles I had been neglecting. And Paul Hungerford’s “Yes...And - Improv for Auditions” class taught me to enjoy the process and have fun again. Justin and Arlene stop by to offer tips and insight that are invaluable and their support of actors is unparalleled. These classes are empowering and informative, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned actor looking for a healthy jump-start. Since taking these classes, I have been called back to every commercial audition and just booked my first national in years. A year ago, I couldn’t believe that was possible. Come to these classes and start believing...
— Amy B.
After my second audition I booked my first national commercial!! Scott taught me how to make commercial reads my own. I highly recommend Scott’s class not only for all the invaluable advice he gives but for all the doors it can open!
— Mary B.
I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with Arlene Schuster-Goss on the last night of January’s “Basics of Booking” and she made a suggestion that has opened up my world. She suggested I consider letting my hair go natural - aka, grey. I had been thinking of doing this since I turned 50. Now being 55, I had started seriously considering it. As I was considering, Arlene’s support, insight and knowledge of the industry weighed pretty strongly in my process and - I did it! I feel like I took a mask off and have never been happier with how I look. Thank you, Arlene! You rock!!
— Traci O.
Thank you so much for the best commercial class...I really got it this time!
— Robin B.
Cyd and Keli are truly wonderful. LOVELY women. Great energy. Zero ego with 100% professionalism. Learned a huge amount of info compared with other commercial classes. Great central location as well.
— Nicholas H.
I have been a working actor for over 20 years. Keli and Cyd have been there for most of it. They are a wealth of knowledge in the profession. They both bring so much to every roll they do. They will teach people a lot. Plus they’re really good people. If someone I know wanted to get into the biz, I’d tell them to take this class. Period.
— Lex M.